Zavion and John share the heartfelt journey that led them to create a beautiful family. Their story, filled with twists, turns, and ultimate joy, captures the essence of love, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams.

“Hi, I’m Zavion, and this is my husband, John,” begins Zavion, with John by his side, as they recount their extraordinary tale. Their relationship started in the innocence of childhood when they first met in primary school, aged just seven and nine. Despite attending different high schools and losing touch, fate brought them back together after school.

Just before their romance blossomed, Zavion embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, participating in the reality show “Survivor.” This unexpected journey led to an unintended month-long ghosting, as Zavion explains, “I went on ‘Survivor’ and disappeared for a month, so technically ghosted him for a month.” John, thinking he was being ghosted, waited in vain. When Zavion returned, they realized the misunderstanding and reconnected with renewed enthusiasm.

Their bond strengthened quickly, leading to a sweet first date, and from the beginning, they discussed their dreams of a future together, including having children. Their shared vision of a family cemented their relationship, and in 2016, they married at their own wedding venue, INIMITABLE, which they operate together. They later expanded their business with another venue, Stay by INIMITABLE.

Despite the demands of their careers, the couple always kept their ultimate goal in sight: starting a family. Their journey to parenthood was neither quick nor easy. Zavion and John candidly share the challenges they faced, emphasizing that the process is “a marathon, not a sprint.” The three-year journey, filled with anticipation and hurdles, culminated in the birth of their daughter, Quinn. They offer valuable advice to other couples, regardless of their circumstances, to prepare for a long and often arduous path but assure them that the reward is worth the wait.

The couple’s journey began in earnest when they sought advice from Vitalab, a fertility clinic. Zavion highlights the importance of seeking professional guidance amidst the sea of misinformation. Their initial consultation with Dr. Gobetz filled them with hope, but reality soon set in with the need to find a surrogate, navigate legalities, and ensure everyone’s health and readiness.

Their story is one of perseverance and hope. As Zavion reflects on their experience, holding their beloved daughter Quinn, he encourages other couples to remain strong and patient. “It’s definitely a marathon, not a sprint,” Zavion reiterates, urging others to stay the course and cherish the journey despite its challenges.

Zavion and John continue to share the heartfelt and intricate details of their fertility journey. As they pick up their story, they discuss the challenges they faced, the support they received, and the new hopes they have for the future. “We had some heartache,” Zavion begins, reflecting on the emotional and physical toll of their journey. “It led us to have a little bit of a break, and we picked up the journey again with the incredible team at Vitalab Umhlanga, KZN.” For Zavion and John, returning to their roots in KZN was significant. Both from KwaZulu-Natal, they felt a sense of homecoming as they sought treatment in a place where their families reside. “The grannies and the grandpas live in KZN,” Zavion explains. “So for us, it made sense.


We were like, okay, this is perfect. It’s meant to be.” Their journey at Vitalab began with meeting Rianne, who Zavion describes as “a shining light.” She guided them through the complex process with clarity and compassion. “We were unbelievably lucky,” Zavion recalls, sharing a twist of fate where a couple had parted ways, leaving behind a medically cleared and psych-evaluated surrogate deemed the “ultimate surrogate” by the Vitalab team. Meeting the surrogate was a turning point for Zavion and John. “We all gelled, and it was all aligned in terms of what we wanted, our beliefs,” Zavion says, describing the connection as magical. “It was just the start of the real journey, and it was all thanks to KZN Vitalab.” Navigating the legalities and logistics of surrogacy, the couple appreciated the support from both Vitalab and their attorney.


They highlight the complexities involved, from court applications to embryo creation. “As a gay couple, you have to apply to court to have a child, which seems backward, but maybe it’s a good thing for all couples to do,” Zavion muses.

Once the court granted permission, they selected an egg donor. Rianne guided them through this emotionally significant process, providing comfort and assurance. “We called it ‘egg Tinder,'” Zavion jokes, noting their focus on finding a donor with a kind demeanor rather than specific aesthetics. They found the perfect match, a donor motivated by kindness, which resonated deeply with them.

Their first transfer did not succeed, but the second one brought them the greatest joy. “Our second transfer worked out, and now we have this magical little thing that is the best thing that’s ever happened to us,” Zavion beams, referring to their beloved child.

Throughout their experience, Zavion and John felt embraced by the Vitalab team. “We felt like family,” Zavion says. “From receptionists to coordinators, nurses, embryologists, doctors, and even the accounts department, everyone had this beautiful relationship with us.” The sense of acceptance and love was particularly meaningful for them as a same-sex couple, navigating a world often filled with misunderstanding and judgment.

Their gratitude extends beyond words. Every visit to Durban includes a stop at Vitalab to say hello and express their thanks. “We love them, and in fact, we love them so much that we have done it again,” Zavion announces with excitement. Their surrogate is now 16 weeks pregnant, expecting a son in October.

With their growing family, Zavion and John’s journey continues to inspire. They remain profoundly grateful to the Vitalab KZN team for making their dreams come true. Their story is a testament to resilience, love, and the incredible support that made their family possible.