At Vitalab we understand that every step of your fertility journey is a crucial one. That’s why we leave nothing to chance when it comes to ensuring that the right patients receive the right embryos. Our meticulous labelling and tracking process is your guarantee of precision, safety, and peace of mind.

Our embryologist, Britney Winterton, takes us through the labelling and tracking process at Vitalab in this video.
From the moment your precious embryos are created, they are labelled with precision. Each embryo is assigned a distinct and secure identification – using your surname and Vitalab file number that are checked and confirmed at every stage in the process, ensuring that your embryos are never confused or misplaced.
Your privacy and security are our utmost concerns. Our secure data management systems safeguard your sensitive information and ensure that your embryos are matched with your medical records and your unique identification code at all times.
Quality control is the cornerstone of our approach. Our highly skilled embryologists and lab technicians undergo extensive training to uphold the highest industry standards. Every step of the process is double-checked to maintain the integrity of your embryos.

Our labelling and tracking process allows you to be an active participant in your fertility journey. You can access your embryo’s progress and status at any time, providing you with peace of mind and certainty.

Our team of experienced embryologists is not just knowledgeable; they are compassionate too. They understand the emotional journey you are on and are committed to ensuring that your embryos are cared for with the utmost dedication and professionalism.

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