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Vitalab has established an Ultrasonography Department to serve our patients more effectively and efficiently. Ultrasonography is a safe and readily available non-invasive method to evaluate a patient’s fertility potential. It is one of the most useful pieces of medical equipment available to assess the causes of infertility and to implement many of the treatments used to monitor and enhance a patient’s fertility. Ultrasonography enables our doctors and sonographers to diagnose patients faster and monitor the changes in the patient’s reproductive physiology to direct treatment. As ultrasound is essential for so many fertility treatments, patients regularly have to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds during treatment. Transvaginal ultrasounds can a be a little uncomfortable at times, but it is virtually risk- and pain free.

At Vitalab, our dedicated ultrasonographer, Yolande Janse van Rensburg, will report the findings of each individual ultrasound directly to our doctors, who will diagnose, prescribe treatment or adjust a patient’s treatment accordingly. This world class structure allows for our patients to be assisted and monitored quicker. In this manner, patients experience shorter waiting periods to get scanned and spend less time in the waiting room away from work. Janse van Rensburg has nine years of experience in the ultrasonography field with a Bachelor of Technology in Ultrasound and National Diploma in Radiography from the University of Johannesburg.