Vitalab Egg Donation Program

Egg donation is the process through which an individual uses a known or, in most cases, anonymous egg donor in order to achieve a pregnancy through various methods – depending on the circumstances. This method is popular for women in a variety of circumstances, such as those who wish for pregnancy, but are unable to achieve one because they have literally run out of eggs of their own. Most of our patients use donor eggs from our in-house egg bank – Vitalab Egg Donation Agency (VEDA)

Vitalab Surrogacy Program

For many couples, surrogacy becomes an option after other popular fertility treatments have been unsuccessful. For these couples (known as the commissioning couple), working with a third person – a surrogate – is often the best way for them to achieve their dream of starting their own family.

South African Legislation

The law in this country allows financial compensation for reasonable expenses incurred by the donor, i.e. injectable medication, regular consultations, regular ultrasound examination, blood tests and travel expenses to Vitalab. According to South African law, an egg donor may have no more than six live born children from their donated gametes.


Our frequently asked questions section helps to clarify any questions or concerns you may have regarding egg donation as well as egg freezing, so that you are empowered with enough knowledge to make informed decisions.