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Vitalab offers a highly specialized program for safeguarding fertility to patients diagnosed with cancer. Our mission is to increase awareness and optimize accessibility to fertility-preserving options for cancer patients, prior to the initiation of cancer therapy. Vitalab became the first fertility clinic in Africa to become a member of the international Oncofertility Consortium in 2017.

Do you know about these possible side effects of undergoing Cancer Treatment?

Females – can include damage or destruction of oocytes, premature menopause and a compromised ability to carry a pregnancy to term.
Males – can have a transitory as well as a permanent impact on male fertility.

Oncofertility Program

At Vitalab, cancer patients seeking our fertility preservation services are attended to immediately. Cancer patients will consult with one of our specialists within 48 hours of making initial contact. The entire process may take between 2 to 14 days, in order to freeze gametes prior to commencing cancer treatment (dependant on what treatment option is applicable to your diagnosis). Evidence has shown that the vitrification (freezing) of oocytes, sperm and embryos does not negatively impact their viability when used later on in life.

24/7 Navigator Telephone Number for Oncofertility Enquiries: 010 880 3866

Treatment Options

Oocyte FreezingIncludes immediate non-cycle related ovarian stimulation with harvesting and vitrification of eggs without fertilizing them over a time period of 10 to 14 days.Women diagnosed with cancer, who do not have a male partner or do not wish to use donor sperm.
Sperm FreezingThe preservation of 1 to 2 ejaculated sperm samples within the time period of 2 to 3 days.Post pubertal men diagnosed with cancer.
Embryo Freezing (IVF)Embryo vitrification includes non-cycle related immediate ovarian stimulation, harvesting and fertilisation of oocytes, with day 5/6 embryo freezing over a time period of 10 to 14 days.For women who have a male partner or are prepared to use donor sperm.
Ovarian Transposition SurgerySurgery to move or suspend the ovaries to minimize the amount of exposure to the radiation.
Women diagnosed with cancer who require abdominal or pelvic radiation.
Ovarian Tissue Freezing (still experimental)Includes the harvesting of ovarian tissue prior to chemotherapy via laparoscopy.Prepubertal females or women who cannot delay chemotherapy for ovarian stimulation.

Success Rates

Embryos, oocytes or sperm surviving the thawing (warming) process: 80-95%. 
Pregnancy rates depending on the method of treatment utilising the frozen gametes: 40% – 60%. 


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