Vitalab Fertility Clinic Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Sasha Vivier Hurly‎

On Monday (30th Sept), I gave birth to my second Vitalab miracle! Welcome to the world Liev Patrick Hurly.

We can never thank the amazing Vitalab staff enough. We are complete…

Dear Dr Unterslak and team at Vitalab

It is with such joy and gratitude that we wish to share the news of baby Thomas Stephen Hooper’s safe arrival on the 26 September.

Thank you so much for the role you played in helping us to fall pregnant and for all the support and good wishes. Thomas is an answer to many prayers and a healing blessing. His brother and sister are overjoyed to have a little brother and love him to bits, as do we all.

Thank you for the really special work you do.

Best wishes and kind regards
John and Jen

Another gorgeous baby boy who made his family complete.
Born 21 August 2019.

Congratulations to his parents and we are thrilled to have been a part of your journey

Ashleigh Ann du Plessis

What an incredible day today has been ♥️

Exactly 2 years ago today we had our first appointment at Vitalab, where our journey began.

Exactly one year ago, I turned 30 while lying in hospital bed, very sick from my pregnancy, but feeling incredibly blessed to be pregnant with my miracles.

Today I got to wake up to and come home to those miracles, to the greatest gifts in the world, gifts that nothing could possibly compare to! Today was my greatest birthday yet! Today I am a MOM on my birthday 🥰🥰

There was a time where I felt this dream was unattainable, but today my dream is my reality.

Greatest gift and greatest honour is being your mom Ava and Emma

From the Pienaar family:

After 26 months of heartache, tears and pain, we got the best news in the world in December 2016, thanks to Dr. Gobetz and all the assistance of the Vitalab staff. The comfort, support and hope that Vitalab and Dr Gobetz gave us helped us push through the ups and downs of infertility. Everyone treated us like family and their professionalism and love for what they do was remarkable.

From the Panayi family:

Thank you to Dr Yossi and his incredible team and Vitalab for granting our wish, make our dream come true,for answering our prayer! Words cannot even begin to express how much happiness you have given us! May you always be blessed with an abundance of love and joy!

From the Van Den Berg family:

Dr Chris Venter and Team thank you very much for our beautiful twin boys Bismark 2,890kg and Darius 2,570kg born 16 Mei 2017. You made all our dreams come true and we are endlessly indebted to you.

From the Sewchuran family:

On behalf of my husband, Jiten Sewchuran and myself Vigeshree Sewchuran, I would like to send a very special thank you to Dr Mervwyn Jacobson and his team for everything that they have done in helping us becoming proud parents of little baby Aarya Sewchuran, born on 07 July 2017 at 06:36. Weighing 3.55kg at birth and 51cm. We were told that we would never have kids, but through God’s grace I found out about Vitalab and Dr Jacobson.


To Everyone at Vitalab

We could not wait to introduce our bundle of joy, Noah.

We are all doing very well. He weighed 3,2kg and measured 50cm. Very healthy and happy. 
Sister Ann, thank you for being so efficient and organizing our protocols. Waiting for your phone call on the 6th of April, is one I will never forget, you gave us the best news ever, “It’s a positive, you’re pregnant”. 
Dr Venter thank you for your patience when we asked one hundred questions. Thank you for making us comfortable and for all your reassurance throughout the process. You always gave us hope, even when it all seemed impossible. 

Greg and I wanted to thank you all for what you have done for us and for never giving up on our dream to have a child. 
Words cannot express the joy that parenthood has brought to our lives. Every moment with our little guy is precious.We will be forever grateful. Forever thankful .

Gobetz en span

Dit is met soveel dankbaarheid in ons harte wat ek graag vir julle wil laat weet dat ons seun op 20 Augustus 2018 gebore is op 38 weke, hy het  2.67kg geweeg en was 49cm lank. Hy is pragtig en gesond. 

Dankie is so klein en eenvoudige woordjie wat nie kan beskryf hoe opreg dankbaar ons is vir elkeen van julle by Vitalab nie. 

Ons lewe is nou perfek met hom by ons en die leemte in ons harte gevul met soveel liefde, geluk en dankbaarheid. 

Ons ervaring was van dag 1 af so positief by julle. Elke vriendelike gesig en julle woorde van omgee en bemoediging het ons gedra en nuwe hoop gegee, dankie daarvoor. Dankie vir wat julle vir so baie van ons beteken, dit is nie altyd n maklike pad nie maar Vitalab maak dit moontlik.

Baie baie dankie vir hierdie groot wonderwerk in ons lewe. 

Mag julle almal net geseend wees.


Lisa Meyer McLaren

For years we struggled to conceive. We attempted AI, on the second try I conceived…but unfortunately, I miscarried at 9 weeks. We immediately tried AI again and luckily, I conceived again which resulted in my first son. He is 9 years old now and thriving!

We then tried AI 5 more times…but nothing happened. This was when I approached Vitalab in 2016. I was heading towards my 40th birthday and knew I wanted another child.

I was seen by Dr Volschenk. We did IVF. My IVF was successful on the first attempt. We were thrilled!

My beautiful son was born via c section on the 17th August 2017. He only weighed 1,9 kgs…but scored very high on the Agar scale. They said he was more active than all the bigger babies in the ward!

We named our little miracle Aiden Noah McLaren. He now is a beautiful and lively 2-year-old! We are absolutely thrilled with our miracle babies and our family is complete. … thank you so much for helping us complete our beautiful family.

Chantelle Owens

Our miracle embryo number 9.

We will be FOREVER grateful for all the staff at Vitalab especially Dr Venter en Sr Anne.

The journey was tough and full of uncertainties but we were blessed to fall pregnant , have a successful pregnancy and birth of our little girl on 27 November 2019 – just in time for Christmas.

The biggest gift and only gift we ever wanted.

THANK YOU VITALAB. For making our dream to become parents a reality. #OwensIVFJourney

Chantelle Owens

Lives in KZN but had treatment at Vitalab JHB

I would like to share our joy with Vitalab!

Our precious little miracle arrived safely and perfectly 2 weeks early via c section on 22 January!

We cant thank Dr Venter and all the helpful staff for supporting us through our tough journey to be able to holding her in our arms.

Thank you all so very much!

Love Bridgette and Paulo Couto


Niloufar Rouzbéh Pienaar

Yesterday at 8:04 am, our second Vitalab baby, Lily Kiana, was born.

Our hearts are bursting with joy and we are extremely grateful to Dr. Gobetz and the whole Vitalab family for helping us through our struggles.

Today we have 2 beautiful, healthy daughters, Haley & Lily and we couldn’t be more grateful for having these amazing girls.

Thank you Vitalab for making our dreams come true.

Nadia De Vos

Vitalab twins two today (09-01-2020)…. if it were not for the Vitalab team and Dr Gobetz they would not have been here. You guys made it possible.

Liezel Viljoen

Please meet our new arrival… Zelri Viljoen was born on 6 March!

Thanks to Dr Venter and his team!!

We lost hope after 5 years of trying and he gave us the most precious gift! We are lucky to be her parents!

Julie-Anne Rothfusz

Just want to share our success and thank you to Doctor Yossi.

Angela Anne was born on the 2nd of April.

I am so proud to be a mother.

It was your co-creators that assist in reaching our dream, so very happy to share our story.


Reinier en Ané Weideman

Hi Dr Chris Venter!!

Baie dankie dat Dok ons gehelp het om ons wonderwerk te kry!!

Hy is n groot treat en is al 19 maande oud!!

Gesond en kleur is lewens in!

Sien dalk gou weer!!

Elsabe Gerber Odendal

Thank you Vitalab and Dr Volschenk for making our dream a reality.

After struggling 9 years with infertility we finally went to Vitalab and with the help of Dr Volschenk we fell pregnant with our twins.

I want to thank the Vitalab team for being there every step of the way, you made this journey so much easier

Sonja Bonsma

Dear Vitalab and Dr Picton,

Thank you for helping us to fill our arms and our hearts with these precious boys we get to call ours. You made our wildest dreams come true and we will be forever grateful for the world class treatment we received.

Harry and Grey were born on the 24th of April 2020 and we are smitten.

(Our 5 day embryos were painted by Carina Meyer)

Much Love

The Bonsma’s

Di Adamson

Thank you Dr Picton and Vitalab for helping our family grow.

Colton Carpenter born 21 July 2020 @ 8:30am in Harare Zimbabwe.

Perfectly healthy little treasure.

Margaret Oberholzer

Seeing your facebook posts makes me think of 14 years ago, and everything you did for me and my husband.

Our daughter Rosemarie is now 14 years old.

Thank you Dr Volschenk and team…

Brigette May Wright Muir

Our miracle and rainbow baby

Leia Helena born 23rd October 2018. 2nd IVF attempt with Dr Venter and Sister Anne. Our experience at Vitalab was amazing…also considering that we were all the way in Botswana. Xx

Hendrien Pretorius

Our twins, born September 2018…

First IVF attempt with dr Volschenk. I was 42 when they were born at 36weeks, weighing 2.29 and 1.98kgs. Healthy and went home with us after 3 days. No NICU. Truly blessed and we enjoy every moment with them.

Monique Milosevich

Our gorgeous baby boy Logan – born 07/07/2020 after many surgeries and being diagnosed with Early Ovarian Ageing! First IVF attempt. ! Couldn’t imagine my life without him! Thank you Dr Volschenk, Veli &the Vitalab team – you are all amazing

Kate Van Rooyen

Thank you Dr Coetzee for our miracle baby born 27th July 2020

Heather Mangwiro

My gorgeous baby girl, Ruvheneko! We were guided by Doc Gobetz through our ICSI journey. Born on 20/01/2020. We are grateful to him and the entire Vitalab team

Karin Lea van Zyl

Thank you Dr Unterslak and the team at Vitalab for the help with corrective surgery of my bicornuate uterus and all the many visits to make our little miracle possible! We are forever grateful to God for entrusting us with this little princess! 18 months old

Magali Barlow

Our little Meghan born 29 May 2018 ❤️ Thank you Dr Gobetz, Dr Jacobson, Sister Joy and the whole team at Vitalab

Izanne Meyer

Little b/g twin miracles, turning 3 on 4 September. Our oldest is turning 7 in January, all thanks to Dr 

Lawrence Gobetz and the vitalab team!!! Best experience of my life.

Leigh Swanepoel

My vitalab girls. Both frozen embabies. Mila born April 2015 and Sharla was born 2 weeks ago now in August was a long road but worth it. DR Lawrence Gobetz was my sanity and our miracle worker during our journey. We are forever grateful  Thank you

Roelien Loggenberg

Ons liefie lyfie Ruvaan, gebore 31.05.2020. Eerste keer sukses met die hulp van Dr Chris Venter en die ongelooflike span van Vitalab. Ons is Dr Venter ewig dankbaar vir ons eie klein wonderwerk

Kayla Van Greunen

Ons wonderwerk lyfie! Mackenzie Grace, 22 Augustus 1 geword!

Ilse Joubert

My ou bokballetjie 8 jaar (Endometriosis ens, swanger geword na 2de timed cycle, Dr Volschenk) Probeer nou vir 2de een.

Charmain & Clive

I just wanted to share the great news that our rainbow baby boy has been born healthy and happy.

Nicholas William Kitchen

Born: 13 July 2021 @ 38 weeks and 6 days

Weight: 3.505kg

I want to say a big thank you for all the staff at Vitalab that help bring the miracle into the world. To Dr Chris, thank you for the amazing care and great advise. On our first round this amazing, special little man was born. God lead us to Vitalab and we were truly blessed. Thank you, Charmain and Clive Kitchen.

Jennifer Hillier‎

We started our Journey with Vitalab on the 14 of February 2020. We finally got answers as to why we hadn’t fallen pregnant yet and IVF was our path. This is all the syringes from an egg collection, a fresh transfer, and 2 frozen transfers. Our third and final embaby decided to stay. 20 weeks pregnant with our baby boy and so grateful to the Umhlanga team for all the support and love. #ivfwarrior

First Christmas

Monjenique Esterhuizen

Our baby’s first Christmas! Thanks to God and Dr. Picton!

Vitalab you help change lives.

Johan Botha

Still in ICU, born prem at 28 weeks. Doing very good.

Thank you, Dr. Venter and sister Joy!

Doricia Van Den Berg

Our little 4-month old miracle, Thank you Dr. Volschenk and team!

Danelle Louw

Our Vitalab miracles, biggest blessing ever!

Kayla Van Greunen

Mackenzie Grace – 16 Months (Dr Venter)

Meagan Jade Emert

I will forever be grateful to Vitalab for helping me through my IVF journey.

Dr Volschenk and Sister Veli were so amazing, I was not just another random patient.

The team are so caring and I trusted them throughout the process.

I have Vitalab to thank for my beautiful twins that were born May this year.

Johnny-Melissa Buchling

Heinrich’s first Christmas. Best gift for mom and dad.

ICSI baby. 4months old.

Thank you Dr Chris Venter and team

Anneke de Wet

Adrian’s first Christmas. Just over 6 months old.

Thanks to Dr. Volschenk

Niloufar Rouzbéh Pienaar

Lily Kiana 23 days old on Christmas day thank to Dr. Gobetz 💝

Jaqueline De Meyer

My #Vitalab miracles! Dr Gobetz was our Dr but they all played a part.

Thank you Vitalab for making our dreams come true!!

Karin Lea van Zyl

Our first Christmas with our little miracle, Lea Michelle.

Thanks to Dr Unterslak and the amazing team at Vitalab for all the help!

What an amazing blessing!

Charne Blom

Beautiful IVF baby Elmien, 8 months old! #dryosi #elmien

Melinda de Waal

Kirsten’s first Christmas, 10 months old. Shes our little IUI, Rainbow and Valentines baby..

Thanx to Dr C Venter we got what we prayed for most🙏🏻

Michele Rehder

Best gift under our tree in 2019 ❤️ thanks to dr. Yosi Unterslak

Christel van Eeden

Alé’s firts Christmas and my first as a mommy. #drChrisVenter my first IVf attempt at Vitalab.

Samantha Olivier

Our happy little miracle girl, Ava, had a lovely First Christmas 😁❤

And tomorrow she will be ONE YEAR OLD! 🤗💟🎉

We will never be able to thank dr Chris Venter enough 👌🏻🤗💜

Candice Botha

11 month old twins Luke and Olivia-Grace.

Dr Volschenk was our incredible Dr. Will definitely go to him again!

Edith du Toit

Simion’s first Christmas 5 months old , thanks to dr. Chris Venter ❤

Jade Van Der Hulst

Rainbow baby #drpicton

Bronwyn Barnes Williams

Our little Leia Selah William’s!Best birthday and Christmas gift everrr🙏🏻❤ after 6 ivf attempts we were finally blessed with our little miracle child of heaven.

Thanks to amazing Dr Yossi Unterslak❤ gifted hands, we will continue to pray Gods richest blessings over you.

Amanda Scholtz

Lutz Scholtz and Dieter Scholtz our miracle #drChrisVenter.

Ammie Brummer van Niekerk

Lise-May – This little girl was our 3rd IVF attempt. Dr Volschenk. She is now 6 months old.

Leigh Swanepoel

Our Mila. Our miracle when she was 18 months old. ❤ all thanks to Dr Gobetz

Mathabo Nakene

Phakamile Ofentse Mginqi. This was her second Christmas. Our miracle baby.

Thank you Dr Yossi Unterslak and Sister Catherine for walking the journey with us

Nadia Lubbe

Xander 18 Maande

IVF 1 Dec 2017

Grootste Kersgeskenk

Dankie Dr. Volschenk jy is ‘n ongelooflike Dr. 💙💙💙

Candise Viljoen

Nolan Viljoen – Dr Yossi and his team were amazing!

Our little Miracle Boy turns 1 on January 18th. 💙🙏🏻 So Blessed!

Lesley Wright

14 December 2018 we did an IUI after many unsuccessful tries and two losses – and on 26 December got a positive result.

Evan Lesley Wright, the best thing to ever happen to us.

She’s perfect, and we are so so grateful to Dr Unterslak for keeping the faith for us even when we lost hope ❤️

Melissa Venter

Michely, 10 weeks old, after 4 failed attempts at another clinic, Dr Picton was my hero.

The whole team at vitalab is Awesome!!! 🥰

Irene Catherine Labuschagne

Our Vitalab gift is turning 8 this year, she is still our biggest source of joy, I understand all of your stories so well, tough road to walk❤️

We love Dr. C Venter and Dr Volschenk. Thank you always and forever❤️

Leigh Gnade

Harper Nicky Gnade – 4 years battling to fall pregnant. A big thank you to Dr Venter who assisted us and within 3 months at Vitalab we were pregnant with this little girl.

She is the absolute light of our lives. A testimony that miracles do happen and to never give up!

Corne Van Zyl

9 maande oud en ons grootste Kersgeskenk danksy Dr. Volschenk ❤️

The Thysse Family

Our 2 little miracles were born on the 19th of Oct.

Kian 3kg and Luan 3.2kg

Thank you to Dr Venter and team for helping our dreams of a family come true.

We are so blessed with our 2 beautiful boys.

Wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Dr Venter and Vitalab

Thank you so much.


Berdien Van Huyssteen

Back to school for our almost 8 year old Vitalab baby!


Candice Botha

Back to school for our beautiful almost 4 year old IVF miracles and our almost 2 year old natural miracle ❤️❤️❤️

Genevieve Newport

Just moved to Sydney so our back to school will only be on 1 Feb! Vitalab in Sandton (all doctors and staff) will always be VERY special to us! (First and third both IVF miracles from same round off embryos) and a natural second born miracle too! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Ashleigh Ann du Plessis

Our Vitalab miracle twins Ava and Emma, turning 4 in March

Jeanette Delport Simpson

Back to school for our little Vlab miracle starting Gr RR today 🦋

Andrea Jacobs

8 year old and 5 year old Vitalab beauties 💕

Jennifer Hillier

Shona Kohler

Vitalab twins and a natural. Vitalab changed our lives.

Riëtte Naudé Ewald

‘n Vitalab, Dr Gobetz tweeling…

Louise Coetzee Marx

Twins Maya & Johan

Dr Jacobson 2015


Heleen Dreyer van Greunen

Grade 2 Vitalab Blessing (Anje) – Dr. Venter

Nicole Irene Correia

Back to school for our 4 year old miracle – thank you Dr Yossi & Vitalab 💛