In today’s fast-paced world, the decision to start a family often comes with a myriad of considerations, with age being a significant factor in the equation. Join Dr. Picton from Vitalab as he unravels the complexities of female fertility in our latest YouTube series: “Understanding the cost of fertility: Exploring the impact of Age on your reproductive journey”

1.Have I Left Having a Baby Too Late?

Have you ever pondered the age of your eggs and its impact on fertility? Dr. Picton reveals startling insights in our first video. Did you know that a woman’s egg reserve begins to diminish even before birth? By the time she’s born, the number of eggs has significantly decreased, setting the stage for future fertility challenges. Join us as we uncover the truth about the aging egg and its implications for conception.

2. Ever Wondered How Many Eggs You Have Left?

Curious about your egg reserve and fertility health? Dr. Picton introduces the AMH test, a simple yet informative tool that provides insight into your egg reserve. Stay informed and take charge of your reproductive journey with this essential test.

3. Egg Quality and When is the Best Time to Have a Baby?

Explore the intricate relationship between a woman’s age and her egg quality in this enlightening video. Dr. Picton delves into the risks associated with early and late pregnancies, offering valuable insights into the optimal timing for starting a family. Understanding these complexities is crucial for informed family planning decisions.

4. Freezing Eggs or Embryos?

Contemplating egg freezing? Dr. Picton sheds light on the physiological cost of freezing eggs and the implications for future fertility. While egg freezing offers a promising option for preserving fertility, understanding the nuances of this process is essential. Dr. Picton provides guidance on navigating the decision to freeze eggs or embryos, offering valuable insights into the associated risks and considerations.

Embark on your journey to fertility success with our comprehensive YouTube series. Watch the videos in sequence for a cohesive understanding, and feel free to reach out with any questions along the way. Welcome to your roadmap to fertility success! 🌟

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