Vitalab’s Surrogacy Program

Surrogacy is legal in South Africa, but it does involve a combination of important medical and ethical decisions. The law is very specific with regard to surrogacy in South Africa and all aspects of it need to be complied with prior to forging a surrogacy agreement.

For many couples, surrogacy becomes an option after other popular fertility treatments have been unsuccessful. For these couples (known as the commissioning couple), working with a third person, a surrogate, is often the best way for them to achieve their dream of starting their own family. Because the process of selecting and screening a surrogate can be complicated, we strive to educate and counsel in order to make the process that much easier for everyone involved.

Who Qualifies For a Surrogate?

•  Women who are unable to carry a pregnancy due to medical circumstances 
•  Women who have a uterus that is not medically viable to sustain a pregnancy 
•  Same-sex male couples that wish to start a family

How Vitalab Works

If you’ve decided to use a surrogate, there is a sequence that we will follow in order to make the experience as stress free as possible.

•  The first step would involve a consultation with one of our fertility specialists, during which a number of investigations will take place. These include scans, blood tests and X-rays to confirm that surrogacy is indeed necessary.

•  Vitalab will refer you to a social worker, whom you will be required to see for counselling sessions. This appointment is a vitally important part of the process, as the counsellor will need to compile a detailed court report, motivating surrogacy on your part, on an emotional and psychological level. This report is a critical step in obtaining a court order. You will also be referred to Vitalab Egg Donation Agency (VEDA) so that they can help you coordinate the process and answer any questions you may have.

•  You will also meet with one of our Nurse Co-ordinators, who will explain the costs involved and help you to plan the process going forward.

Once these steps have been completed, you will then begin the process of choosing a surrogate. Vitalab will facilitate meetings between you and potential surrogates while ensuring that all medical and psychological reports are compiled accurately. We will then submit all documentation to a lawyer, who will prepare the matter for court approval.

Once the commissioning couple and the surrogate have completed all assessments and all legalities are in place, a legal contract will need to be drawn up to protect all parties involved. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure the process runs smoothly and problem free.

Whether you are considering surrogacy or want to join the long list of proud surrogate mothers in South Africa, contact Vitalab for professional, reliable advice.