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Egg Donation

South African law allows financial compensation for reasonable expenses incurred by the donor, i.e. injectable medication, regular consultations, regular ultrasound examination, blood tests and travel expenses to Vitalab.

According to South African law, an egg donor may have no more than six live born children from their donated gametes. Therefore, as a donor you are allowed to donate more than once.

Apart from voluntary anonymous donation by egg donors, there is the possibility of egg donation by sub-fertile couples on a treatment programme, who have an adequate response to stimulation and are willing to donate a few excess eggs anonymously to a recipient. However, in these cases the sub-fertile woman must meet certain conditions, such as age, the absence of an ovarian cause for her sub-fertility and fulfil the same criteria as other donors. Therefore, this type of oocyte donation to other couples is less common.


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The legal phase of surrogacy includes an appointment with a lawyer during which issues around the legal contract, medical aid and life insurance for the surrogate will be outlined and discussed.

The Children’s Act came into force on the 1st of April 2010. The new law stipulates that all surrogate agreements must be in writing and confirmed by the High Court before any treatment can begin.

This means that the attorney will be required to make a High Court application on behalf of the commissioning parents and the chosen surrogate. It is with this in mind that it would be preferable for you to address your questions and concerns directly to the attorney. When the above-mentioned court order is granted, the treatment phase will begin.

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