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Our Egg Donation program is administered through VEDA- Vitalab Egg Donation Agency

Our Egg Donation program, facilitated by VEDA-Vitalab Egg Donation Agency, offers a vital solution. 

It’s a medical procedure where a female (donor) provides eggs for assisted reproduction. Ideal for those unable to conceive naturally, including same-sex male couples or those with medical conditions. 

Egg donation integrates with in-vitro fertilization (IVF), aiding in achieving pregnancies. Moreover, VEDA, established in 2014, connects recipients with suitable egg donors, ensuring fulfilling matches.


*Should a potential donor declare being drug-free for the last 3 months and then test positive at the screening appointment, she will be declined immediately.

Quick Egg Donation Facts

Do you get paid for donating your eggs?
You get R9,000 for your donation and R1500 towards travel expenses.

Is it painful?
The egg retrieval procedure at Vitalab is quick and painless, and there are no cuts nor stitches. Our team of in-house doctors, embryologists and nursing sisters will ensure that each donor is given special attention and unparalleled care.

Is egg donation safe?
Yes egg donation is a safe. Our highly qualified doctors will take excellent care of you.


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If you are a recipient looking for an Egg Donor

At VEDA, we acknowledge each parenthood journey’s uniqueness, providing hope and support along the way. Additionally, to access eggs from VEDA, registration as a Vitalab patient is required.

Our Donor Egg Recipient Program offers a pathway to parenthood for those encountering fertility hurdles.
We advocate for everyone’s right to experience the profound joy of nurturing new life.

For recipients, egg donation is a ray of light in what may have felt like a tunnel of despair. It’s a reminder that amidst challenges, there’s a beacon of hope illuminating the path to parenthood.

Each donated egg is a symbol of resilience and generosity, a tiny seed of possibility planted in the soil of longing hearts. It’s an affirmation that dreams of family are not just fantasies but tangible realities waiting to be embraced.

Through each unique donation  recipients discover a renewed sense of possibility, courageously stepping into a future filled with love, laughter, and the precious gift of new life.