Male infertility

About Male Infertility

Recent research suggests that in as many as 30 – 40% of cases, male infertility is the reason a couple may be having reproductive problems with  conceiving. There are numerous potential causes, many of which can be easily identified by a male infertility test. The most common causes can be roughly divided into three main categories:

Pre-testicular causes

These are usually the result of some type of hormone deficiency, often resulting from a hypothalamus or pituitary disorder. Men suffering from this type of infertility often have underdeveloped male characteristics.

Testicular causes

These are usually genetic, or birth defect based, or the healthy functioning of the testes may have been compromised by toxins or physical damage.

Other causes

  • Disorders of sperm transport: Where problems with the reproductive system may be preventing sperm from being delivered
  • Disorders of sperm motility or function: The absence of certain proteins in the tail of the sperm leads to totally immotile sperm
  • Sexual dysfunction: Decreased libido, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Once male infertility testing has been carried out, it will become easier to identify the most suitable treatment for each individual case. In many cases, the problem can be resolved with simple lifestyle changes like avoiding smoking and excessive drinking, as well as a bad diet and recreational drug use.

In other cases, medical therapy or a surgical male infertility treatment may be required. The good news is that with advancements in technology and therapy, male infertility is now rarely untreatable and a solution can be found in most cases.

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